Welcome at Belajar Inggris Online (Learn English-Indonesian online)

 The Indonesian language is spoken by 250 million people.
 Indonesia is a very popular vacation destination for a lot of people.
 If you speak some Indonesian you have an advantage compared to people who do not.
 You can easily communicate with the citizens, order food in a restaurant,
 understand text on the internet or even understand an Indonesian movie.
 If you are on holiday it gives you the confidence to know that you can understand the other person.
 Here you can learn the basics of the Indonesian language or "bahasa" as the indonesian people would say.

buka dan pena


   Grammar is the way how to speak a language. The structure of the words
   and sentences of the Indonesian language are defined by rules. If you know
   something about those rules it is easier to make your sentences.
   We will start easy. Here you find the basics of the 3 most important
   subjects of the Indonesian Grammar: 
   -Verbs (learn verbs and conjugation).
   -Times (present, past, future)
   -sort of words.


 The more words you know in a language the better sentences you can make.
 We listed more than 500 English-Indonesian words categorized from a to z.
 The best way to learn these words is to read them often and also write them down.
 Check also the tab Practice, where you can practice all the words you have learned.


 It is important that you know how to count in a language.
 If you want to ask for a price of an item or tell someone your age you
 have to know how to translate this in the other language. Here you learn all about the numbers.


 Learning a language takes a lot of practice.
 To understand the grammar of the Indonesian language you to have know the words.
 Without the knowledge of words it is impossible to learn the language.
 That is why we made practices presented as little games to keep it entertaining and fun.
 It is a matter of a lot of practice.
 You will see the longer you practice the the better you learn the language.